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Should I Clean My Gutters Myself?

Sometimes, when things are out of sight, that does not necessarily mean they should be out of mind too. As a homeowner with multiple projects to maintain throughout the year, gutters are often overlooked and an unwanted chore on the list of things to do. What most people do not know, is how – if untreated for too long – gutter buildup can backfire into costly inconveniences in the future. Therefore,cleaning them outshould be a top priority on your fall and spring checklist. Gutters are much more than offering a clean, finished look to your home; they are the vessel and control of rainwater that protects your roof, walls and surrounding landscape. As dust, debris and natural elements make your gutters susceptible to clogging throughout the year, it is very important to prevent the damage and loss of integrity to your home bycleaning your guttersregularly.

Whenguttersare filled with debris, it will impede the proper flow of water and overflow eventually causing expensive repairs to your roof and walls. It is amazing to some people how these costs can add up as a new roof or wall replacement from mold or leakage can be thousands of dollars to repair fully. If untreated for too long, the leaking and mold can eventually cause electrical damage or collapsing of the structure all together. Taking preventive measures now can help minimize the likelihood of having to repair or replace your roof.

All of that gunk is also a warm welcome to pests, rodents and infestation by disease-causing organisms. The organisms or unwanted critters can then infiltrate your attics and chimneys, that eventually will lead them inside your home and safe spaces. The last thing you want is a pests infestation in your home! Cleaning your gutters regularly eliminates the rot and prevents any health hazards that could affect you and your family. The most feared and expensive damage clogged gutters can cause is to the foundation of your home. Erosion can actually cause catastrophic damage to the home’s stability and surrounding landscape. Since they are specifically designed to collect and channel rainwater away from vital parts of yourhome, it is important to keep them clean so it does not compromise its foundation and stability.

Ultimately, the most vital reason to clean your gutters regularly is to protect your home’s value through time, to save you money and help prevent unexpected and expensive projects down the road. Aesthetic value and curb appeal are two important factors in the valuation of your home, so keeping the roof and foundation clean is a must. Clogged gutters are simply an eye sore to everyone! Though many homeowners attempt to do this themselves, it is suggested that you hire professionals who have the right knowledge and tools to properly clean out your gutters. They not only will take away the project hassle, but they probably will do a much better job in a timely manner. With the time and potential costs associated with this process, it is a better investment to just work with your local gutter-cleaning service likeBluewater Exteriors!

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