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Why does my porch need a screen enclosure?

Why does my porch need a screen enclosure?

The great outdoors offers some much-needed connection to nature as well as a good dose of natural Vitamin D. When sitting out on the porch or gazebo, however, one may overlook the difference a screen enclosure can really make. This type of outdoor extension adds many great benefits that many homeowners enjoy. 

Protects from outdoor elements 

There are numerous elements that interfere with your short time of being outdoors, such as dealing with unwanted insects while you are trying to cook on the grill or simply relaxing. With a screen enclosure, there is no more need to swat flies away or deal with pollen allergies. The design of the screen enclosure allows each structured pillar or wall to safely and securely cling to the screen without any damage to the surface. Installation is fast and easy and best of all, very affordable. 

Provides shade

How many times have you gone outside and realized you forgot your sunglasses or neglected to put on sunscreen? Maybe more times than you can recall! Adding a screen enclosure to your back patio or outdoor area provides a great amount of shade keeping you cool during those unseasonably warm months while still being able to enjoy the natural light of the sun. Best of all, it is safe to use around kids and your furry friends will enjoy the shade as well. 

No-fuss concept 

Adding another door to divide the space between your backyard and patio would defeat the purpose of a screen enclosure and completely block your view and any entryway to go to and from between spaces. A screen enclosure provides a no-fuss concept with an easy pull and push mechanism to go past the other side. There is also no maintenance required on your end and the screen is weatherproof. 

Keeps the area dry

When having guests over, a little rain can sometimes change plans rather quickly. Having a screen enclosure helps keep the patio area dry so you won’t have to relocate your guests elsewhere in the house. It also helps keep water from rain and heavy winds from getting access to your outdoor furniture and allowing them to fly away. As always, it is recommended to buy outdoor furniture and rugs that are water-resistant, however, as the screen can only act as a barrier and not actually protect it from the water itself. 


Aside from screen enclosures looking nice, they are rather long-lasting. The mesh material is very sturdy and, if installed properly, will get you a good year’s worth of limited warranty. 
Let our experts install a screen enclosure today as you enjoy life without interruptions. Give us a call at (251) 504-4015. At Bluewater Exteriors, it is our mission to do it right and not over. We provide gutter and window services to the Alabama and Mobile surrounding areas.

Investing in a seamless gutter system is an effective way to prevent water damage. Compared with the traditional sectional type of gutter system, its seamless design keeps the chances of roof leakage to a minimum. 


Let Bluewater Exteriors reveal what makes seamless gutters a great addition to your home for structural and aesthetic reasons:

They Don’t Form Ridges

One of the things we love about seamless gutters is that they don’t create ridges along the bottom, which form niches on the inside. These shallow recesses back up small amounts of water and trap tiny debris that can turn into blockages. There’s no way for sectional pieces to avoid this problem altogether since they have to be sealed with one another to make straight shots of metal.

Seamless gutters create no ridges because they’re unmarred throughout. They are comprised of single sheets of metal stretched around corners, directing the water to travel from the roof to the ground without detouring to any cranny.

They Have Fewer Gaps

It should be noted that the seamless gutter system isn’t completely seamless. Its pieces of unmarred metal requires seams on both sides of the corner. Despite this, its design dramatically reduces the number of gaps between pieces. In turn, there’s less need for sealants that ultimately wear away over time. Faulty sealants are the common culprit behind leaky gutters.

They Use Screws For Fastening

Many seamless gutter products don’t need nails. For instance, our gutter system only requires hidden hangers for fastening. Contrary to nails, screws don’t put perforations in the face of the gutter and are less likely to loosen with time.

At Bluewater Exteriors, our seamless gutters are made from aluminum to be durable and lightweight.

Water Damage from not having seamless gutters