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Screen Enclosures

Screen enclosures are a much-needed addition to your home’s outdoor extensions. A screen enclosure is a simple, cost-effective way to protect your outdoor living space and can add value back on to your home. A screen enclosure can provide protection from the elements, pesky insects and pests, and allows you to enjoy the outdoors almost anytime of the year. Fans, bug spray and citronella can only do so much. Adding a screen enclosure to your front porch, back patio or any other outdoor area will improve the aesthetics of those outdoor structures. Our team at Bluewater Exteriors will construct a sturdy, affordable screen enclosure that will perfectly suit your needs and change the way you enjoy your property’s outdoor areas.

Stop the Outdoors from Dragging Down Your Outdoor Time

In Alabama, you can’t help but notice the great outdoors has no consideration for your personal space. Step outside and the heat and humidity instantly hit you in the face, and soon you’re hot, sweaty and annoyed by humming or buzzing pests. Mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, roaches, love bugs and many, many more are all terrible in Alabama nearly all year long. There is a relentless onslaught of the elements in our part of the world the second you step outside. But have no fear! Bluewater Exteriors’ screen enclosures are specially designed to prevent intrusions to your quality time spent outdoors. Our screens have a special design for the screens designed to block out bugs’ shapes so they can’t get in. Our enclosures block out harmful sun rays, rain, snow, leaves and prevent your outdoor furniture from soaking, rotting or being covered in pollen. Your enclosure will keep everything and everyone under its roof nice and dry and free from harmful weather.

Spend Time Comfortably Outdoors

Bluewater Exteriors’ screen enclosures create pleasant areas that allow you to spend quality time outside. They’re exactly what you’re looking for when you need a place to relax, read, nap, and socialize when you want to enjoy the fresh air. They’re also great for pet owners who want to let their furry friends out without worrying that they’ll run away. Plus, checking to see if your outdoor furniture is dry is a thing of the past. Everyone in your home can enjoy the breeze and the sun without having to sweat.

Aesthetic Benefits

There are multiple aesthetic benefits to adding a screen enclosure to your home or property. Adding a new structure to your home with extra utility will add value to it. Screen enclosures create a transition space from inside to outside, allowing you to enjoy the best of being both inside and outside at the same time. Your home becomes more secure, with door, lock and key adding obstacles around one of the entrances into your home. Our structures allow you to embellish your outdoor areas like pool houses, she sheds and tool shops. Transform your home’s outdoors into a welcoming, safe and protective living space with Bluewater Exterior’s screen enclosures.