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Garage Door Repairs


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Garage Door Repairs

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Signs That You Should Schedule Garage Door Repairs

When your garage door starts slowing down, it’s a sign you should schedule repairs. Reduced operational speed can indicate issues with the springs or openers, which are key to a smooth and efficient performance. Ignoring this problem can lead to further damage or even a complete breakdown, turning a simple fix into a more costly affair. As such, scheduling a repair with a knowledgeable technician from our team can save you time and prevent this issue from spiraling out of control.

A garage door that doesn’t open or close all the way is more than just an inconvenience — it’s a security risk for your home and a clear sign that you need garage door services. This issue can stem from misaligned tracks, worn-out springs, or problems with the garage door opener. By scheduling a door repair appointment, you’re taking a proactive step to ensure the safety and security of your building while maintaining the curb appeal and value of your property.

Strange sounds from your garage door are not just annoying but are also red flags that something is amiss. These sounds can be due to loose parts, improper lubrication, or worn rollers. A professional garage door repair can accurately diagnose and fix these issues. Addressing these sounds promptly ensures your door operates pleasantly and prolongs its life, avoiding the need for a new garage door sooner than expected.

Misalignment and unevenness in your garage door are more than cosmetic issues — they indicate a problem with the balance and structure of the door. This misalignment can strain the door’s mechanism, leading to premature wear and the potential break of crucial components. Garage door repairs, in such cases, involve realigning and balancing the door, tasks that require a skilled technician. Addressing these issues promptly not only ensures efficient operation but also prevents further damage to your garage.

Visible damage on your garage door, be it dents, cracks, or rust, should prompt you to request garage door services. Such damage not only affects the door’s appearance and your house’s curb appeal but can also compromise the door’s integrity and functionality. Timely repair or installation of a new garage door by a professional company can restore the style and security of your home, ensuring that your garage door remains a key feature of your life’s daily control and convenience.

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Schedule Repairs for Your Garage Door Today

When you need a precision door service to address a complicated repair accurately, you can always rely on the team at Bluewater Exteriors to get the job done right the first time. Additionally, if your system is beyond repair, we also offer garage door installation services. Whether you require minor repairs or new garage doors altogether, our trusted technicians will be there to help.

To experience our dedication to customer satisfaction firsthand, contact us today to start scheduling your repairs!

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Our Services

We are A Clean Streak. Whether you need your window cleaning, or your gutters cleaned out, we’ve got you covered. We are proud to offer our services to Clinton, Anacortes, and Oak Harbor, and the surrounding areas alike.

Window Cleaning

Keeping yourwindows clean can be quite a chore.

It can be especially hard to reach those upper story windows. You can trust A Clean Streak to let the sun back into your home again!

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Gutter Cleaning

Keep the flow going with a professional gutter cleaningfrom A Clean Streak.

Clogged gutters can easily lead to water damage and rot in the roof, siding, and paint of your home. To add insult to injury, rainwater flowing uncontrolled off your roof will tear up the landscape underneath.

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Roof Cleaning

We use asoft-wash systemto gently wash your roof and apply an eco-friendly growth inhibitor.

Our cool and damp Pacific Northwest climate is the perfect environment for your roof’s worst enemies: moss, algae, and lichen.

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Pressure Washing

OurPressure Washing servicecan clean those troublesome surfaces and restore them to their former glory and prestige.

We can clean the dirt, moss, and stains from your home and driveway with our expert Pressure Washing Service on Whidbey island.

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We ❤️ Our Customers

Wyatt cleaned my windows inside & out. He was so pleasant & asked me throughout the process if I had any questions or concerns. When I got up, it looked like I didn’t have any windows at all. This has been the best service & quality of work I have ever had. I’m going to highly recommend A Clean Streak & a big Thank You to Wyatt. Also, Leslie in the office is excellent. Anyone who uses them will be very satisfied.

Glenna P.
Google Review


Using A Clean Streak for our interior/exterior window washing was great. They sent as a team of Jo-Ann and Darnell. And they were amazing. Jo-Ann made sure that our windows sparkled and Darnell did a fantastic job of cleaning our vaulted skylights. Jo-Ann also helped us to replace lights in a chandelier that we couldn’t reach.

Molly D.
Facebook Review


I had an excellent experience with A Clean Streak, they recently cleaned my gutters and did a fantastic job. They were very professional, the price was reasonable and they did a great job. They made the process very easy and communication was great. I would definitely recommend them to others and plan to use their services again in the future.

Danielle M.
Nextdoor Review


Oak Harbor Window Cleaning
Done Right.

Our team of professionals work relentlessly with one goal in mind. That is to exceed your expectations and help transform your home or business to a breathtaking level. 

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