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Do Seamless Gutters Need Maintenance?

Do seamless gutter need maintenance if the home doesn’t have any trees in the yard? This is a very good question that is asked to me often. First off I want to tell you all seamless gutters need to be checked periodically but some more than others. Since starting in the business 29 years ago the biggest problem I have seen is gutters clogged up with various objects. Homeowners would not have any trees in their yard but the gutters would be stopped up with leaves. You ask how is this possible, well if your neighbors or any property within a 1000 feet of the home have trees then this could be the issue. If a storm comes and blows the leaves or debris and it lands on your roof then there is a very good chance it will get in your seamless gutters. A good rule of thumb is if you have leaves in your yard from your neighbors trees then you probably have them in your gutters. We have even found tennis balls, birds nest, snakes, baseballs, gloves, and lots of roof granules.

We at Bluewater Exteriors do yearly service of seamless gutters to make sure they are working properly. We check to make sure they are draining to the downpouts, free from any debris, and don’t have any major corrosion or leaks. We service all of south Baldwin from Spanish Fort, Daphne, Fairhope and down to the Gulf at Orange Beach and Gulf Shores and Foley. A yearly maintenance plan could definitely save you thousand from all kinds of damage. Call us to learn more about protecting your home.

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