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Benefits of a Screened-In Enclosure from Bluewater Exteriors

Screened-in enclosures have become wildly popular home features, but why is that? Well, it is simple. These elaborate structures offer amazing benefits for both residents and homes. Here are just a few benefits of a screened-in enclosure from Bluewater Exteriors:

Limits Interaction with Insects

On a warm, sunny day along the Gulf Coast, gnats, mosquitoes, flies and other insects have the ability to make a perfect day outside a miserable experience. These pests are annoying, plus their bites are uncomfortable and may cause a variety of illnesses. Of course, there is always insect repellent to keep them away, but these are often smelly and require a constant application to be effective. Instead,screened-in enclosuresserve as a shield, defending your family from these pests without any extra effort. Keeping away insects is just one of the screened-in enclosures’ many benefits.

Protection from the Elements

Soaking rains, blustery winds and damaging sun can make even the most dedicated outdoorsman long to be inside. All of these elements can cause damage to your property or your skin, so it is important to have protection from them. Ascreened-in enclosurecreates a sheltered space that reduces the woes of weather, making it easier to enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather.

Best of Both Worlds

Screened-in enclosures from Bluewater Exteriors create a space that allows you to enjoy both the indoors and outdoors, creating the best of both worlds. With a screened-in enclosure, you and your family are able to enjoy the natural beauty of the great outdoors without worrying about the hassles that sometimes accompany nature.

Reduce Patio Maintenance

While patios are lovely features, maintaining them takes serious work. Screened-in enclosures reduce the burden of maintenance because the screen prevents leaves, branches and other debris from intruding and creating clutter on your patio.Screened-in enclosuresalso protect your furniture and other surfaces on your patio from the blistering sun, reducing fading and wear.

Increase Property Value

Screened-in enclosuresare becoming desirable when families are looking for a new home. They also are an affordable way to increase the square footage of your home. Therefore, when you install a screened-in enclosure, you are increasing elbow room as well as the value of your property.

Extra Space

Whether you like to host small gatherings with a few friends or large parties packed with people, a screened-in enclosure is a fabulous bonus. These screened-in enclosures are a fun place to entertain guests, provide an extra entertainment room and allow the party to continue regardless of the weather.Screened-in enclosuresalso increase the square footage of your home, increasing the property value for if or when your family decides to move.

If you are interested in creating a screened-in enclosure, contactBluewater Exteriorstoday! With over 20 years of experience in the home improvement industry, our experts get the job done right the first time. We are proud to be a trusted source for home improvement along the Gulf Coast.Contact ustoday at (251) 504-4015 to discuss your project with a professional on our team!

1 thought on “Benefits of a Screened-In Enclosure”

  1. It’s awesome that you talked about installing a screened enclosure to protect our family from weather conditions. My wife and I have a lovely patio, but when we’re chilling outside, we get eaten by mosquitos, so we think we’ll look into installing an enclosure next week. Thanks for the information on how screened enclosures keep insects out.

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