Investing in a seamless gutter system is an effective way to prevent water damage. Compared with the traditional sectional type of gutter system, its seamless design keeps the chances of roof leakage to a minimum. 


Let Bluewater Exteriors reveal what makes seamless gutters a great addition to your home for structural and aesthetic reasons:

They Don’t Form Ridges

One of the things we love about seamless gutters is that they don’t create ridges along the bottom, which form niches on the inside. These shallow recesses back up small amounts of water and trap tiny debris that can turn into blockages. There’s no way for sectional pieces to avoid this problem altogether since they have to be sealed with one another to make straight shots of metal.

Seamless gutters create no ridges because they’re unmarred throughout. They are comprised of single sheets of metal stretched around corners, directing the water to travel from the roof to the ground without detouring to any cranny.

They Have Fewer Gaps

It should be noted that the seamless gutter system isn’t completely seamless. Its pieces of unmarred metal requires seams on both sides of the corner. Despite this, its design dramatically reduces the number of gaps between pieces. In turn, there’s less need for sealants that ultimately wear away over time. Faulty sealants are the common culprit behind leaky gutters.

They Use Screws For Fastening

Many seamless gutter products don’t need nails. For instance, our gutter system only requires hidden hangers for fastening. Contrary to nails, screws don’t put perforations in the face of the gutter and are less likely to loosen with time.

At Bluewater Exteriors, our seamless gutters are made from aluminum to be durable and lightweight.