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Monthly: March 2017

Gutter Information

Gutter Clean Out Basics

Your gutters play a quintessential role in your home. They keep the water from falling on your landscape. When your gutters are not cleaned, you will suffer some disadvantages. That is why your gutter cleaners should work on them on a regular basis.

If you wonder what your cleaner does on your gutters, here are a few examples:

  • Unclog your gutters. There are foreign matters that clog your gutters such as leaves, dirt, and nests. Your cleaner will remove them to unclog your gutters.
  • Check for defects. In the process of cleaning, your gutter cleaners will also check for defects in your gutters. An early remedy for these defects will keep you away from future costly repairs.

Cleaning your gutters will provide you with benefits too. So make it a routine to have a gutter cleaning.

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Gutter Information

Should you install gutter guards?

When it comes to home improvement, your gutters are probably low on your list of things to upgrade or protect. But a Gutter Guard is important to helping keep your home in tip-top shape, especially when you live in areas with a lot of rain or extreme weather conditions. So before you replace that roof or spend thousands on a pretty yard, take a closer look at your gutters and see if you could benefit from some Gutter Guards.

Why should you? Well:

1. Ladder climbing is a thing of the past

Did you know that every year over 150,000 people fall from ladders and around 300 die? So before you make that climb with your rake and hose, you may want to think carefully about your options. A Leaf-Blocker Gutter Guard system is a great alternative, allowing you to keep your back pain-free.

2. Keep an unshakable foundation

Your foundation is the most important part of your home. Though it may seem indestructible, water damage can cause your homes foundation to crumble and crack. A gutter guard system will help avoid long-term damage to your foundation by diverting water away from it.

3. You work hard on your yard

If you invest lots of money and time on your yard and landscaping, don’t ruin it by letting your gutters overflow, causing a soupy mess.

4. Avoid standing water and West Nile Virus

Standing water is dangerous for a number of reasons. Bacteria can grow and multiply in this environment. The West Nile Virus showed us how mosquitoes can transmit the disease to humans. Don’t let your gutters turn into a science experiment.

5. Extend the life of your existing gutters and pocket that cash

Replacing your gutters is costly expense. Even if yours are less than new, installing a Gutter Guard system can cut down on costly repairs. Gutters that are packed with debris will weaken spikes and hidden hangers causing gutter failure sooner. Gutter Protection will keep your gutters clean and working properly, prolonging their life. It’s never too late to protect an existing gutter.